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Megamall of Interests and Passions


Megamall of Interests and Passions

“Megamall of Interests and Passions”

Initiated by Generation 2030 and the International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity, the project aims to create a modern centre as a venue for interaction between children and parents. The idea received a positive feedback from some regional Administrations including Tula. Partnership with Tula authorities started in autumn 2011.

As part of a big project the initiative “Environment for Childhood” was launched to identify specific priorities for Tula region, initiate public policy discussion, build expert community with an ultimate objective to create child-friendly environment and make children the legitimate participants.

At first stage the Expert Coordination Council has been set up and 20 pilot communication platforms identified including educational institutions, social, cultural and sports organizations. Those are used as pilot platforms to test various innovative approaches to education and upbringing encouraging children for social participation – for example, Youth Parliament, School Network TV, debates involving children and adults, volunteering movement, etc.

The partners will continue working to develop these platforms, build expert community, set up Knowledge Bank and develop regulatory framework in the region to enable the project “Megamall of Interests and Passions”.