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Learning Course on Parenthood 2013


Learning Course on Parenthood 2013

Call for international experience to contribute the content of a learning course on Parenthood!!!

Generation 2030 is launching a 7 month learning course starting on March 11 for parents and children’s welfare specialists in Russia “Enlightened parenthood: Creating child-friendly environment”. The key objective is to provide advanced knowledge on different approaches to parenthood and various aspects of raising a child discovering its greatest potential.

The scientists have discovered that nowdays parents can hardly spend with their children more than 17 minutes daily! And they spend these minutes moralizing and controlling. Indeed, as soon as we start thinking about quality substantive communication with our children, a lot of questions and concerns arise: What shall we talk about? Do I really understand my child? How can we play together? What music shall I put on? What books shall I buy? These and many other questions usually make us willing to increase our parenting competences resulting in further questions. How can I get more knowledge on child’s development? What shall I do for this?

Generation 2030 offers a comprehensive education course including lectures, workshops and practical classes on a variety of topics, such as:

Among the lecturers are the leading Russian experts, educators and children's welfare specialists. The course is supported by Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, the Center for New Teaching Technologies and Creative Development, and the Committee for Socilal Development at the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation. The project was launched in 2011 in a test mode, and educated over 100 parents. Many of them designed their own projects and launched family clubs.

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Generation 2030 is encouraging experts to contribute the content and conduct online lecture(s)/webinar(s) sharing international knowledge, research results, case studies, etc. The schedule is flexible and can be adjusted according to your availability. The content, as well as other terms will be discussed individually.

For more details, please contact Anna Gridneva at