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About Generation 2030


About Generation 2030

Children are everything for us. We want to ensure their well-being now, and we strive to prepare them for future challenges and opportunities when they grow up. Competitiveness of societies and nations in the coming decades will be determined primarily by the “human factor” – and not by natural resources endowments or military might. The very future of our civilization will be formed by those who are three, five or ten years old today.

Yet children and their needs do not form the public policies or societal behaviour. “The little ones” are still viewed as an object, not as an equal partner or the main customer in everything we do. Such attitude has got to change.

Generation 2030 seeks a shift not only in the way of thinking, but in very tangible public policies, laws and regulations, standards of doing business and public values – to make a child the front and center. We promote public debate and sharing of best and most innovative practices around the following key crossroads that all nations around the world will be facing in the coming years:

  • Demographics and Migration
  • Culture and Creativity
  • City Planning and Ecosystem
  • Family and Parenthood
  • Education and Upbringen
  • Health and Environment
  • Business for Children
  • Social Advancement

We seek to address these issues in a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary way, bridging and leveraging successes and opportunities achieved by numerous organizations and activists around the world.