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Business for Children

“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.” ― Garrison Keillor, Leaving Home


Business for Children

Producers of products and services for children possess a unique ability to impact the development of children from the very early years.  But this influence and the responsibility that comes with it, often fall victims to sheer profiteering.  Examples of true and meaningful engagement between producers, parents, medical professionals and states exist, most notably in the European Union, but they are by no means universal.

Competitive pressures, particularly in a global economy, force producers to look for cost-cutting measures, and only the best of them refuse to compromise on quality.  Children then become the least protected consumers, threatened by hazardous materials. Furthermore, regulations and guidelines in today’s world of fast-developing technologies, often fall behind the new materials and products.  Advertisers constantly seek balance between effective promotion and responsible treatment of children as consumers of the information.

And children’s participation in the creation of products is a whole separate issue.  Best producers involve their little customers in the creative process, and not only get ahead of their competition, but also deliver a very important social service supporting development of children.

Generation 2030 is geared to support stakeholder engagement between business, regulators, expert community and children, by sharing best practices and assisting in publicizing responsible approaches to business for children.