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Country Reports


Country Reports

A child’s mind develops at a speed of light, particularly in the early years of life. This is the time of greatest sensitivity, receptiveness and flexibility, providing unique possibilities to develop the widest spectrum of human capabilities. The better external conditions are, the faster and more comprehensive is the development. At the same time, a child’s mind is free from the limitations of grown-ups, their dogmas and stereotypes. All this is true for every child, not the select few “wonder-children” who demonstrate unusual abilities since the early age.

Unfortunately, today’s standardized general-access educational systems are not geared towards identifying and developing these abilities from the early age. And private institutions geared toward early-age abilities, are often not affordable for everyone.

At the same time, most parents do not possess the necessary skills to help draw out the unique creative abilities of their children. Very few families even dedicate sufficient time to interact with children, and television often becomes the window into the large world for little kids.

Generation 2030 not only works on changing the public attitudes to early education and development of a child’s creative capacity, but it also assists in developing and publicizing the cutting-edge methodologies and practices, sourcing them from different countries.