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Education and Upbringing

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ― Margaret Mead


Education and Upbringing

Throughout the XX century, the common logic prevailed – “we study well to have a good job and be successful.” This logic doesn’t work for our children anymore, they often don’t believe in traditional schools and universities as elevators to success. In part, it’s the changing world, when creativity and innovation often matter more than academic credentials, and when the volume of information is so huge that it becomes almost impossible to be universally educated. But in part, it’s the system of traditional education, geared primarily towards memorizing data and using old educational processes and systems, which becomes increasingly outdated and non-competitive.

Obviously, education is still – and maybe even more so than before - an absolute necessity. But this has to be a new paradigm of education, geared towards learning and providing our children with enabling skills. Special attention needs to be placed on “remote education”, particularly given the role of internet and globalization of the workforce.

Generation 2030 seeks and analyses innovative educational systems around the world, promoting pilot projects demonstrating efficiency and potential. We incorporate such projects in our efforts in other areas, including addressing demographics and migration issues and training courses for parents.