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The change in a model of traditional family is obvious: women are getting more financially independent, while the marriage is losing its stabilizing force. At that, we can see in many countries including Russia a rapid emergence of a new generation of parents, whose lives in many aspects are driven by parenthood – the most important role from their point of view. A society of competent parents is developing, thus providing for a strong enlightened parenthood trend. According the author of this article, a young generation of parents and their children are the most valuable Russia’s resource which would help to take the leading positions on the world stage. The only way to lay down a solid foundation for state stability in future is targeted work with young families.    

Key notions: enlightened parenthood, super-value of childhood, areas for interaction between parents and children, educating environment

Support to families is one of the key strategic priorities put high on Russia’s agenda by the President. This is totally reasonable. The policymakers and members of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation are making a call for a national program focused on family values promotion as a nation-wide priority. First of all, it is important to provide a definition of a family in the state legislation. The family policy is currently applicable for the Russian laws related solely to motherhood and childhood. The notion of family also appears in economic legislation in relation to mortgage documents. However, none of the regulatory documents, including the Constitution of the Russian Federation, specify the meaning of a family policy. Therefore, there is simply no legally enforceable definition of a state family policy and its principles. Besides, there are only few studies on family relationship transformation taking place in light of the tremendous changes. According to many experts the concept of the family in Russia is in great decline. They say about this more often on a government level. Here is the official statistics: according to the Federal State Statistics Service five among seven marriages end up with divorce. The children’s population is constantly declining, even though the living conditions are getting better. Unfortunately, there is still a strong tendency for social orphanhood. In 2007 124,483 children were identified as social orphans. The amount of parents in a deprivation cases are growing. More children are born out of wedlock. The situation is worsened by social and moral deformation in children’s and teenager environments. Today, this is one of the most serious threats for national safety and overall future of Russia. The full article is available in Russian.

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